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The Jet Black Housing

AlphaRex Jet Black Housing

In previous article, we talked about our idea to make an innovative projector lens, our Ice Cube 3D projector, after that we need to work on the detail. Most stock headlights and aftermarket performance headlights on the market are with chrome housing or matte black housing, and we tried to see if there were other options out there. After seeing the Mopar Ram headlights with the glossy black housing, we know that it is the color to add to our product line, and we name it the “JET BLACK” housing.

AlphaRex Glossy Jet Black Housing Headlights
Jet Black Housing

It might be hard to notice the difference in the product photo, but looking the actual item, you would notice that the JET BLACK gives the headlights a more refined interior, and allow you to see more detail and depth of the headlights.

Here are some closeup pictures to demonstrate our black housing, chrome housing and jet black housing: