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NOVA-Series Ice Cube 3D Projector

AlphaRex NOVA-Series Ice Cube 3D Projector Lens
AlphaRex NOVA-Series Ice Cube 3D LED projector lens

NOVA-Series Ice Cube 3D Projector

Our NOVA-Series full LED projector headlights are our signature items, and the Ice Cube 3D projectors are the key components of the NOVA-Series. The Ice Cube 3D projectors are actually one of our innovative idea that we designed from scratch. Let’s compare the different look between common LED projector lens and the Ice Cube, as well as the performance.

Full LED projector lens on the market

Let’s take a look below at some OEM full LED projector lens from Acura, Toyota and Cadillac.

At first glance, their projector lens look similar to our NOVA-Series design, but if you take a look closely, their projector lens are usually covered with a shround. Therefore, when you look at the lights from the side, you will only see the shround and part of the projector lens. When we designed our NOVA-Series, we thought our headlights need to look good in every angle, so we come up with the projector design with an “ice cube” effect.

NOVA-Series Ice Cube 3D Design

The Ice Cube 3D projector is AlphaRex patented design, a masterpiece that we spent a lot of hours developing with our engineers. The most challenging part is to build an ice cube projector that allow the light output to shine when we look at the light from the side.

Now, performance is the first thing we consider when we design our products, so our design has to look good and has to perform well at the same time. We have considered different LED chips, and finally we decided to use the Osram Oslon Black Flat LED chips. In order for the LED to perform well, we will need to work on other components to allow our projector to be compatible with the LED chips, and we finally developed the TJ001 and TJ006 projector lens.

After months of effort, when we see the final products, we are satisfied with the look of the projector, every detail is as expected.

The Ice Cube 3D looks perfect now, but performance is always our first concern when we develop products. The output from the Osram LED chips is gorgeous, with our Ice Cube design, the projector lens produce a 3D look when we light up the lights. We also tested the projection cutoff line on a Ram and two F150, the output is also stunningly good. We know that with these Innovative Ice Cube 3D projectors, we are ready to make aftermarket headlights that change the market. Finally, pictures and videos are better than thousand words:

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