AlphaRex First Responder Discount

AlphaRex First Responder Discount

We could say it a million times and it would not be enough. At AlphaRex, we salute to our First Responder community and all that serve and protect our local and national communities. All Active Police, Fire and EMT receive 10% OFF on our products. Here is the rules:

  • Discount available to customers actively serving in the First Responder and need to verify their status on below.
  • Customer must provide staff member with proof of service.
  • Coupon CANNOT be combined with any other discount or coupons.
  • This program is eligible to customers actively serving in the United States Police, Fire and EMT service.

How to get the discount

Our COVID-19 Response

Dear AlphaRex Customers and Clients: AREX is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. During this battle against the virus, AREX is doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, we have our customer service staff working at home in order to provide the best customer service and support while protecting our staff’s health and safety. We provide medical supplies and health guidelines to our warehouse workers so that our warehouse can be fully operational and provide the same level of shipping time as usual. We appreciate the support you have given us and wish everyone stays safe and healthy.