Installation Guide for 06-08 Dodge Ram Headlights

Warning: This installation article is a tutorial guide. By reading this article, you agree it is for reference and AlphaRex USA nor our distributors make any guarantee on any finished results, nor we held any responsibility for any damage, misuse or personal injuries. If you do not fully understand the installation procedure, we highly recommend you seek help with professional mechanics to do the installation.

Step 1

Open the hood, disconnect negative battery terminal. Remove the 2 x 10mm bolt by the front of the headlight

Step 2

Inside the wheelwell, located the black round rubber grommet. With the grommet removed, Remove 1 x 10mm nut.

Step 3

Remove the headlight by pulling it toward the front of the vehicle.

Step 4

Unplug the 2 connectors and remove the headlight.

Step 5

Wiring up the DRL harness, connect the red with the ring terminal to the battery positive, the black with the ring terminal to the battery negative. Tap the grey wire to the front fuse box, into the fuse , we would suggest using a fuse tap that you can pickup from any auto part store. If you have a yellow wire connector on the DRL harness, wire and connect that to the driver side headlight, you will only need to connect to one side. Last , run the last two red wires to the headlight , one for each side.

Step 6

Plug the 2 connectors to the headlight and perform headlight adjustment.

Step 7

When making adjustment , try doing it in 360 degree increments.

Step 8

When you achieve the correct light output level, reinstall the headlight in the reverse steps. Done!