Installation Guide for 18-20 Ford F150 Headlights

Warning: This installation article is a tutorial guide. By reading this article, you agree it is for reference and AlphaRex USA nor our distributors make any guarantee on any finished results, nor we held any responsibility for any damage, misuse or personal injuries. If you do not fully understand the installation procedure, we highly recommend you seek help with professional mechanics to do the installation.


  1. Kenneth Aldous June 24, 2020

    I recently purchased and installed the pro series headlights in my 2018 f150 xlt. I followed the installation instructions and everything works except my drivers amber signal light. When using the turn signal in all positions except when daytime running lights are active, my dashboard turn arrow blinks fast. When just daytime running lights it blinks fine but still no amber signal in my headlight. I noticed on the driver’s side there is a small round plug that doesn’t get used, that I can see, and it is shown not connected in the video at 3:39. All other lights work front and rear. Please help. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Nelson Man July 9, 2020

      Did you have this resolve yet?

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