02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex
02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black | AlphaRex

02-05 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Projector Headlights Black

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  • 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 03-05 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
** Exclude Dodge Ram Van models


In designing our Dodge Ram LUXX-Series projector headlights, we seamlessly integrate the design cues from the headlights of 5th generation Ram trucks into the 3rd generation Ram. These headlights feature distinctive top and bottom DRL light tubes in white LED, doubling as amber sequential turn signal lights. Additionally, they include our signature activation light, illuminating in a captivating sequence upon unlocking your 3rd gen Dodge Ram.

The inner projector delivers dual beam output for high and low beams, while the outer projector serves as a daytime running light with white LED illumination, distinct from low or high beam usage. Both projectors utilize high/low beam technology with LED chips developed in our own factory, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability. Choose our Dodge Ram LUXX-Series projector headlights for superior lighting solutions tailored to elevate your driving experience.

AlphaRex 2002 2003 2004 2005 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Headlights DesignAlphaRex 2002 2003 2004 2005 Dodge Ram LUXX-Series LED Headlights Design


Headlights Technology

As our second-tier headlights, the LUXX-Series showcases AlphaRex's commitment to excellence. In the absence of the NOVA-Series ice-cube 3D projectors, the LUXX-Series adopts a common rectangular-look projector design, providing either a dual-projector appearance or a single dual-beam projector configuration. Powered by AlphaRex LUXX LEDs, these 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights deliver supreme performance without compromise. Crafted with precision, our 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights ensure a perfect projection cut-off line compliant with American LHD regulations that meet DOT/SAE requirements.

Moreover, LUXX-Series headlights are equipped with advanced features such as activation lights and sequential turn signals, mirroring the functionality of the NOVA-Series while boasting a distinctive aesthetic. Experience unparalleled lighting solutions with the LUXX-Series, designed to elevate your driving experience with style and innovation.

Light Feature

Activation light is a dynamic startup sequence that activates when you unlock your vehicle or start up your parking lights, depending on the product variant.

Sequential signal is a dynamic turn signal pattern that flows from one end to the other, providing clear indication of your intended turn direction.

DRL (Daytime Running Light) refers to a lighting feature where the light tube illuminates with white LEDs during both daytime and nighttime conditions. This not only adds a stylish touch to the headlights but also enhances visibility, making it easier for vehicles ahead to notice those behind them.



Crafted from high-quality polypropylene (PP), our headlights housing ensure durability and longevity. With its exceptional resistance to heat and moisture, polypropylene enhances the performance and longevity of these 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights, guaranteeing optimal functionality in various conditions. Choose our headlights for a perfect blend of style and reliability, transforming the look of your 3rd gen Dodge Ram while maintaining top-tier performance.

These 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights feature a Black themed housing, meticulously crafted to exude a sleek matte black finish with chrome accents. Our specially designed housing enhances interior texture and adds intricate detailing to your 3rd gen Dodge Ram's headlights, resulting in an aggressive appearance that commands attention.

AlphaRex Black housing PRO-Series/LUXX-Series headlights demo
(Demo picture for Black themed housing.)


Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate plastic, our 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions while delivering exceptional lighting performance. To ensure optimal light output in all conditions, we apply a layer of anti-fog agent to the headlight lens, reducing the risk of fogging and improving visibility. Additionally, we apply another coating to the lens that protects against yellowing and oxidation, keeping your headlights looking like new for longer. Choose our 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights for your 3rd gen Dodge Ram and enjoy reliable, high-performance lighting that can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

AlphaRex Headlights Lens demo
(Demo picture of our Headlight Lens.)

Breathing Vents

Preventing condensation in headlights is a common challenge for both OEM and aftermarket products. Despite good seals, moisture can still accumulate inside due to temperature fluctuations. To combat this, we utilize Nitto Denko TEMISH® CAPSEAL air vents, facilitating efficient moisture discharge for our 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights. These vents enhance airflow within the headlights, allowing moisture to escape more easily, akin to a breathing action, earning them the moniker "Air Breathers."

AlphaRex PRO-Series and LUXX-Series Headlights Air Breathers
(Demo picture of Air Breathers for our headlights.)


Product Detail






  • 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 03-05 Dodge Ram 2500/3500

** Exclude Dodge Ram Van models


Weight 18.74 lb
Length 10.24 in
Height 26.38 in
Width 23.03 in

Light Output Spec

Low Beam


High Beam


Lens Spec

Lens Material

Polycarbonate (PC)

Lens Color

Clear Lens

Housing Spec

Housing Material

Polypropylene (PP)

Housing Color


Why Buy From AlphaRex

Compliance and Quality Control

At AlphaRex, we place unparalleled emphasis on safety and quality across all facets of our operation. Utilizing only the finest materials in the development of our tooling, we achieve impeccable fitment precision, rigorously maintained through post-production monitoring to ensure enduring accuracy. Our 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights not only meet but exceed SAE and DOT FMVSS108 regulations, affirming our commitment to adhering to the most demanding standards in vehicle lighting. Our dedication to excellence extends to our manufacturing processes, compliant with ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and now proudly incorporating the automotive-specific ISO 17949 standard. This rigorous adherence to comprehensive quality management protocols ensures that every stage of production is meticulously overseen to surpass our customers' expectations. Opt for our 3rd gen Dodge Ram LUXX-Series Headlights for your 3rd gen Dodge Ram, and transform your driving experience with unparalleled safety, stellar performance, and the highest quality standards.


Outstanding Assistance

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2 Years Warranty

We provide a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all our products, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our warranty covers defects in design and manufacturing, ensuring that you receive products of the highest standards. However, it's essential to note that certain factors are not covered under the warranty, including installation errors, labor expenses, vehicle downtime, wear and tear, acts of God, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, collisions, defects due to custom specifications provided by the customer, or any modifications not performed by us or on our behalf. Additionally, please be aware of the exceptions outlined below for third-party products.


Superior Quality

At AlphaRex®, we believe that unsurpassed quality and originality is the key to stay above the competition, and it is our mission to bring much sought-after advanced products to our customers. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, our factory is without a doubt the pioneer of the performance lighting industry, and capable of successfully designing and manufacturing lighting products for our ever-evolving industry. We design our lights from inception, patent every component we’ve designed, and guarantee that our products are compliant with the SAE and DOT requirements. We inspect every detail of our lights to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with every detail. We strongly believe that excellent customer service and technical support is the key to success; and our team is ready to answer any questions you might have to ensure our customers (and yours) have unparalleled service and satisfaction.


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